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NEEL’S PUNCTUATION STYLE FILES -#3- APOSTROPHE THE SHAKESPEARAN CONUNDRUM: TO POSSESS OR NOT TO POSSESS By Neel Anil Panicker Ask any student what is the one thing that bugs him no end when it comes to correcting errors in English Grammar and the answer more often than not would revolve around their tribulations in trying … Continue reading neelwritesblog.neel’spunctuation/apostrophe/#3/16/09/2016’srulesofpunctuation/27/08/2016

NEEL’S PUNCTUATION GRAMMAR STYLE FILES-1 By Neel Anil Panicker If a sentence is the basic building block that we employ to construct written accounts, a punctuation is what we use to make our sentences crisp; lend it credibility and ensure that there is absolute clarity in what we think and how that thought is interpreted. … Continue reading’srulesofpunctuation/27/08/2016