SOMETHING IS BREWING By Neel Anil Panicker “What’s that smell?” Lakhi asked, careful not to raise his voice. Ali inched his ears forward. The decibel levels were increasing alarmingly. Despite the two seated barely half a feet from each other, it was proving quite a task to listen leave alone reply to each other. “It’s … Continue reading neelwrites.parteighteenofadangerouslove/fiction/09/09/2017


FRIDAY FICTIONEERS hosted by the charming Rochelle at 1 September 2017 KALAPANI  (HISTORICAL FICTION) By Neel Anil Panicker                   (word count: 99 words) The man looked askance at the promontory spread out before him. Who would believe that a mere 90 days ago it was a wild … Continue reading neelwrites/kalapani/FF/99words/historicalfiction/31/08/2017


THE CHIEF WARDEN’S OFFICE By Neel Anil Panicker “Pandit, are the papers in order? Have you checked with the court authorities?  And what time is the hearing? As the series of questions delivered in typical staccato fashion reverberated off the walls of the corner basement room that served as the Chief Warden’s Office, the assistant … Continue reading neelwrites/thechiefjailwarden’soffice/partsixteenofadangerouslove/sixsentencestories/fiction/26/08/2017


Kanchanaburi, Thailand Written for a weekly flash fiction challenge Whatpegmansaw hosted at To enjoy stories inspired by the What Pegman Saw prompt or to submit your own 150-word story, visit the inLinkz button: A BRIDGE  TOO FAR  (GENRE: HISTORICAL FICTION) By Neel Anil Panicker Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson wriggles but finds his enormous hands and feet gridlocked, his … Continue reading neelwrites/whatpegmansaw/bridgeontheriverkwai/historicalfiction/27/05/2017