Three Line Tales, Week 98  Hosted by SONYA at  IT’S A COLD, COLD WORLD By Neel Anil Panicker She seemed so distant; aloof and withdrawn, slightly eerie too, always engrossed in her own world, as if, never once deeming it right to come close to any of us, particularly we children. It was only later, much later, … Continue reading neelwrites/it’sacold,coldworld/threelinetales/fiction/shortstory/132words/17/12/2017


WRITESPIRATION #143 52 WEEKS IN 52 WORDS WEEK 48 Write a story including these words: jugs, bamboo, nostril and frozen. EERIE By Neel Anil Panicker A wolfish cry cut through the deep underarm of darkness and resonated all over the deadened night sending a cold chill of fear down Mary’s spine. Her hands and … Continue reading neelwrites/eerie/flashfiction/52weeks52words/02/12/2017


Hosted by Reena at NO SWETTING OVER SWOT, SIMPLY SOAR Here’s the prompt.   By Neel Anil Panicker   Nitin Gokhale looked around him and found that he was the odd one out. Everyone in the large airy hall the size of a 5-star lobby was clad in suits. Cleaned and shaven, hairs gelled, shoes … Continue reading neelwrites/swotbversussoar/fiction/shortstory/1431words/reena’sexplorationchallengeweek14/29/11/2017


   A MURDER OF CROWS   By Neel Anil Panicker They were a trio, a tightly knit team, Mary, Susan, and Anna. Mary was the spotter, the one tasked to ferret out the rich lone lost traveler about town. Susan was the seeker, the one who played Mother Teresa and handheld the ‘victim’. As the two … Continue reading neelwrites/amurderofcrows/100wordstory/fiction/flash/22/11/2017


Hosted by the superb Reena at Here’s the prompt If you were asked to share one experience you had with someone you knew which was experienced as a gift or transmission, what memory would that be? Close your eyes and see what arises. Which gift will you pass on?   THE WALL By Neel … Continue reading neelwrites/thewall/shorstory/reena’sexplorationchallenge/1582words/fiction/16/112017


Sunday Photo Fiction – November 12th 2017 Hosted by THE BIG BINARY By Neel Anil Panicker “I’m done for the day. Will you feed Ananya when she wakes up. The milk’s in the fridge. You just need to add…” Raj gets up from the couch. ‘Don’t worry, baby. I know what to do. You go … Continue reading neelwrites/thebigbinary/sundayphotofictioneer/flash/fiction/208words/13/11/2017


100 Word Wednesday: Week 44 100WW #100WW Hosted by bikurgurl at MOVED ON… Image Credit Brevitē By Neel Anil Panicker I ignore the Do Not Disturb sign and step into the room, albeit gingerly. I flick on the light switch; I’m swept over by nostalgia__eighteen years, nine months, fourteen days, three hours, twenty-two minutes, and a few … Continue reading neelwrites/100wordwednesday/shortstory/flashfiction/11/11/2017


FFfAW Challenge-Week of October 31, 2017 Hosted by Priceless Joy at THE ‘KEEPER’ By Neel Anil Panicker She isn’t much; just four raised oblong stone slabs; the edges, pointed and jutting out into the skies. Half hidden behind the majestic branches of a huge peepal tree in a forested outgrowth in the village periphery, what she … Continue reading neelwrites/thekeeper/FFfAW/flash/fiction/shorstory/172words/05/11/2017


Three Line Tales, Week 92 Hosted by  SONYA at A MILLIONS CRIES IN THE DARK photo by gn dim via Unsplash 3LineTales Neel Anil Panicker There they stood, lighted candles in their hands, alongside a million others of their ilk, all standing up for once and voicing their opinions, speaking out against what they thought and felt was wrong … Continue reading neelwrites/amillioncriesinthedark/threelinetales/fiction/flash/shortstory/169words/03/11/2017


By Neel Anil Panicker When you came it was as if a shower of dreams had come true how wondrously the stars had changed into blue and my eyes glowed at the sight of you but soon you changed hue and when you left leaving me so bereft filling my morrows with nothing but sorrows … Continue reading neelwrites/poem/dreams/01/12/2016