I have one golden rule for handling women: tell the ordinary ones they are pretty, tell the pretty ones they are beautiful, tell the beautiful ones they are fairies and, when in doubt, tell them they are priceless. That, for sure, leaves them speechless. #Neelism#19


Life’s just cherries, collection of memories. #NEELISM#18 #SOMETIMES STELLAR SIX WORD STORY CHALLENGE- PROMPT WORD- HOARD


LIGHT UP YOUR HEARTS THIS DIWALI By Neel Anil Panicker May the festival of colours bring everlasting happiness into your life May you share your happiness and turn your life even more beautiful and enriching May you carry on further enriching the lives of all whom you touch with empathy, kindness, and fulfillment. May you … Continue reading neelwritesblog/observations/diwali/30/10/2016


By Neel Anil Panicker Tickling myriad senses Her smile percolates, Lively thoughts engage my mind. #neelanilpanicker #haiku#16 #OctProWriMo – Day 11 – English Tanka Poem – Prompt – Lively      


By Neel Anil Panicker Rise of materialism collapses feelings, heralds love’s downward spiral.   # haiku #14 #OctProWriMo – Day 9 – English Tanka Poem – Prompt – Spiral  


Silly were those days when love was in the air When your eyes had dare and my words had flair mementoes are they to hearts long swept away Silly were those days, when love was in the air silent were the talks and ephemeral those long walks endless were the raindrops that ran down her … Continue reading neelwritesblog/poe.triolet/08/08/10/2016


FAREWELL By Neel Anil Panicker I have a confession to make. I hate farewells. Farewells are meant for those whom you would never meet, ever again. At least that’s what I make of it. I have a morbid fear of farewells. I guess it dates back to my childhood. As a child we were visited … Continue reading neelwritesblog#traveller’stales/keraladiary/farewell/part1/02/10/2016