Hosted by the ever dependable, super resourceful Reena at DARKNESS TO LIGHT By Neel Anil Panicker As the Master of Ceremonies (MC) announced the winner of the COACHING TIME Best Faculty Award 2017, thunderous rounds of applause swept through the audience as every single person was up on his or feet, clapping, cheering lustily, … Continue reading neelwrites/darknesstolight/fiction/shortstory/reena’sexplorationhallengeweek#15/06/12/12017’s grammarrules/punctuation-2/comma/09/09/2016

NEEL’S PUNCTUATION STYLE FILES-#2 By Neel Anil Panicker THE COMMA The very mention of the word is enough to send folks into a coma, at least some of us, that is. The comma is one of the very important pillars of punctuation in English Grammar. Much used and even more abused, the mere thought of … Continue reading’s grammarrules/punctuation-2/comma/09/09/2016