One who gives more than he receives, receives more than he gives. #NEELISM#28 Some people are announcing year 2016 as the year of Victory of WHITE over BLACK but the stark truth is that the self-actualisation needs of a few have been realised at the cost of deprivation of the basic needs of the majority. … Continue reading neelwrites/neelism/29/12/2016


Wealthily unhealthy By Neel Anil Panicker There are two types of persons who show off their wealth. The first are the ones who simply like to show off, be it anything including a new pet cat that one has  bought from the flea market at a bargain or the new car or house one has … Continue reading neelwrites/nonfiction/23/12/2016


Between one blindly in love and one blinded by love, the former is less tragic as it is merely the degree of an affliction which with time may lessen whereas the latter is a terminal disease from which one can never recover. #NEELISM#24


The jury is still out as to which is a tad better: to lose in love or be lost in love. As for me, I would prefer the latter. For, when one is lost in love one is never able to tell whether one has won or lost. So, thankfully there is no love lost. … Continue reading neelwrites/neelism/16/12/2016


I have one golden rule for handling women: tell the ordinary ones they are pretty, tell the pretty ones they are beautiful, tell the beautiful ones they are fairies and, when in doubt, tell them they are priceless. That, for sure, leaves them speechless. #Neelism#19