A SAFE LANDING (165 words) By Neel Anil Panicker A slight tap on the shoulder and Ahmed turned around. “Excuse me, would you mind stepping aside?” Ahmed released the bag onto the tiled floor. ‘Is there a problem?’ His eyes scanned the uniformed man smiling at him from behind a handlebar moustache. “Routine procedure, please … Continue reading neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/FFfAW/165words/21/02/2017


Baby, check my dolls   By Neel Anil Panicker He insists that she carry the teddy bears, all three, in her arms. The last of the shoe-button black eyes have been stitched back into the softness of the mohair fur fabric when Benny holds grey Papa by the ears, and hands him to her along … Continue reading neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/spf/10/01/2017