LOVE-MARXIST  STYLE   By Neel Anil Panicker She was all things to all people, especially to her innumerable lovers. Some called her egalitarian, a libertarian, a person who believed in giving her all, mind, body and soul, in no particular order,  though there were still some naysayers, that very rare breed of perennially Doubting Thomases … Continue reading neelwrites/lovemarxiststyle/sixsentencestories/fiction/shortstory/01/03/2018


SRI DEVI: CHARACTER ASSASSINATION: INDIA’S FAVOURITE SPORT By Neel Anil Panicker There was none like her. She was non parallel. She was the queen of hearts. She set the screen on fire with her smouldering sensuality. She was head and shoulders above all. She was also a narcissist who had taken self obsession to the … Continue reading neelwrites/sridevi/windmills/FFfAW/28/02/2018


Beauty turns deadly tool, innocently entraps. Men morph into eternal slaves. Beastly. (c)neelanilpanicker2018 #poem #haiku +++ She stole my heart, Bitter sweet memories all, Never will turn sour. (c)neelanilpanicker2018 #poem haiku +++ Sadness, like  a wet blanket soaks her inner soul. Deathly cold wave snuffs out life. (c)neelanilpanicker2018. #poem #haiku +++


SHORT STORY/FICTION BACK FROM THE DEAD By Neel Anil Panicker Prathmesh couldn’t belief his eyes. He thought it was a mirage, that his mind was onto playing dirty tricks. Back in University, he had once heard a lecture on the “benumbing effects of hallucination” ; what his Psychology professor called occurs ‘when the mind and … Continue reading neelwrites/backfromdead/sundayphotofiction/fiction/shortstory/200words/27/02/2018


SRIDEVI- THE GIRL WHO ALMOST BOUGHT TOMORROW By Neel Anil Panicker All of us have a past, some a present too, but none of us are promised a tomorrow. It is also equally true that almost all of us have hacked their way through the past and strive hard in the present, harbouring hopes and … Continue reading neelwrites/sridevi/remembrance/820words/26/02/2018


DIAL D FOR DIAMONDS By Neel Anil Panicker JaAyesh Amitesh Bhai Shah looked forward to his early mornings. They were the same everywhere, be it Ahmedabad, his birthplace; Surat, his work place; or Arthur Road Jail, Mumbai, his current temporary address. At this still born hour, when the moon had just about reluctantly bidden goodbye … Continue reading neelwrites/dialdfordiamonds/thursdayphotoprompt/fiction/shortstory/259words/24/02/2018


  BETWEEN A ROCK AND A… By Neel Anil Panicker The man in the white coat set aside the magnifying glass and proclaimed, ‘This is basalt, a hard extrusive igneous hexagonal rock with very low silica content, low viscosity and…” “Spare me the monologue, Professor Gaikwad. I’m a police officer and…”   ‘And also my … Continue reading neelwrites/betweenarockanda…/FFfAW/shortstory/175words/22/02/2018

neelwrites/FF/sayingit withflowers/shortstory/100words/22/02/2018

SAYING IT WITH FLOWERS By Neel Anil Panicker With any other girl it would have been a non issue; a decision that’s taken in a jiffy. But not so in the case of Sheena.   For  the first time in his fourteen month old romantic career, Albert the Stud felt ill at ease, a complete misfit. Should … Continue reading neelwrites/FF/sayingit withflowers/shortstory/100words/22/02/2018


Watchful Destiny’s wheels Sprout seeds of happiness Flowering ever lasting joy, Buoyant. (c)neelanilpanicker2018 #poem #Tanka Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge, No. 72: Breakthrough & Movement, #SnyonymsOnly Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge, No. 72: Breakthrough & Movement, #SnyonymsOnly  


Woman Writhing in pain Battling away sorrow  That comes chasing every morrow Smiling.  Cheerful Handing cups of joy Unmindul of weakening cells Brushing aside depression, Respect. (c)neelanilpanicker2018 #poem#Tanka #character #affection Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge, No. 71: Character & Affection, #SnyonymsOnly