#FridayFotoFiction Aug 25-30 Prompt Hosted by Tina at A HEAVENLY AFFAIR By Neel Anil Panicker “What about the books? Are you selling them too?”, the raddiwallah gruffly asked her. Asha had spent almost an entire day clearing the attic. She glanced at the books; a pile of short stories, the ones which her husband had … Continue reading neelwrites/aheavenlyaffair/fridayfotofiction/27/08/2017


Six Sentence Stories Cue of the Week This week’s cue is BORDER. Hosted by Zoe at STARING INTO THE BORDER By Neel Anil Panicker From where he is crouched in his narrow prison bed, he can see there is a hole, a big gaping hole the size of a man’s fist around the granite stone square … Continue reading neelwrites/border/sixsentencestories/partthirteenofadangerouslove/fiction/195words/21/08/2017