TO SPOT A CLASSIC By Neel Anil Panicker To be frank, It was with much dislike that Stella opened the oak panelled corner room drawer her grandfather had left behind and to be sure, her first reaction was of regret: a thick coating of dust filled particles wafted out of the spaciously built compartments and … Continue reading neelwrites/classice/flash/sixsentencestories/fiction/books/23/10/2018


THE BOOK LOVER By Neel Anil Panicker If one were to ask him the one thing he would love to do all his life, his answer to that would be, and that too without batting an eye__in the library, his nose buried under a pile books. History, Geography Philosophy, Arts, Anthropology, the Sciences, Literature, Religion, … Continue reading neelwrites/threelinetales/fiction/shortstory/139words/08/03/2018


#FridayFotoFiction Aug 25-30 Prompt Hosted by Tina at A HEAVENLY AFFAIR By Neel Anil Panicker “What about the books? Are you selling them too?”, the raddiwallah gruffly asked her. Asha had spent almost an entire day clearing the attic. She glanced at the books; a pile of short stories, the ones which her husband had … Continue reading neelwrites/aheavenlyaffair/fridayfotofiction/27/08/2017