Undying steadfast stood her love merciless was his hate Unmindful, she gave her all With time he succumbed to fate. #neelanilpanicker #poem #shadorma


CAUGHT ON CAMERA BY NEEL ANIL PANICKER Major Vijaykant Chauhan studied the two teenagers who stood quivering before him, their heads bowed and hands shaking. Under the glare of the lone bulb, their farm fresh faces quivered like two frightened kittens. A slow whistle escaped the Army officer’s lips. “Tell me, where did you find … Continue reading neelwrites/sex,liesandvideoptape/sundayphotofiction/shortstory/200words/20/02/2018


WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE  (250 words) By Neel Anil Panicker  “Heard they narrowly missed you at Coimbatore?” Pulsar Suni stretched his legs; a rock slided off the stony edges. That was close. He had heard footsteps just after midnight. Had just about time to sneak out and scale through the outhouse walls. He pressed the … Continue reading neelwrites/fiction/shortstory/250words/ThurdsayPhotoPrompt/#writephoto/24/02/2017