BLACK BEAUTY By Neel Anil Panicker Black is beautiful. Black is pure pearl__ossidified, solidified, petrified to perfection emerging after thousands of years of penance from the earth’s belly, hissing, glistening, and illuminating all of mankind with its sheer magical brilliance. Black is velvety, curling and embracing and reaching hidden chambers of your heart, unlocking secret … Continue reading neelwrites/blackbeauty/musings/non-fiction/29/05/2018


A FIERY FIESTA   ( 155 words) FFfAW Challenge Week of May 9, 2017 By Neel Anil Panicker “This is heaven, pure bliss! I just can’t believe I am going to live here all my life,” gushed Grace. Her eyes feasted on the colourful splash of marigolds, violets and tatsois, the curly leafed parsleys, the clumps of … Continue reading neelwrites/FFfAW/fieryfiesta/155words/09/05/2017