Weekend Writing Prompt #35 – End of Year Challenge Hosted by sammicoxwriter    Word Prompt  End of Year Challenge     END OF THE YEAR CHALLENGE By Neel Anil Panicker “It’s the End of the Year Challenge. Who’s up for it?” None moved, all had their eyes closed and necks craning upwards, not even one daring … Continue reading neelwrites/ENDOFYEARCHALLENGE/FICTION/SHORTSTORY346WORDS/30/12/2017


IT’S ‘CAT’ DAY By Neel Anil Panicker Cradled and cocooned. That’s what Vineet felt in winter’s welcoming arms. He had set the alarm at five and had got up just after the third ring; his mind a step ahead of his body which still was in sleep mode. Strange how the seasons and our perspectives … Continue reading neelwrites/It’sCATday/fiction/flash/shorstory/357words/26/11/2017