A FISH BOWL EXISTENCE  (GENRE/REALISTIC FICTION) By Neel Anil Panicker “His will be a fish bowl existence” ‘You mean the gold fish type?’ “Exactly. They’ll lay out the red carpet for him, have him walk down the aisle amidst staggering applause, and then slicing through the high clapping and super shrieks of Hail Hitlers, gingerly … Continue reading neelwrites/afishbowlexistence/FFFaw/flash/fiction/shortstory/storystarter/FOWC/TTC/175words/24/10/2018


FFfAW Challenge – 178th A  FRUITFUL WEEKEND TRIP  By Neel Anil Panicker “Bloody hell, the line’s not moving!” the man in the line muttered under his breath. From behind, Inder nudged him, “Keep your trap shut, Navneet. It’s a Sunday.” Inder looked through his fake Ray Ban glasses at the merry Sunday crowd of party revellers. … Continue reading neelwrites/afruitfulvoyage/FFfAW/fiction/shortstory/175words/15/08/2018