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By Neel Anil Panicker

I would like to know the real you?

Well then, for that you need to scratch the surface.

And how exactly do I do that?

To begin with, you can start by being forever nice to me, occasionally taking me out to a movie, preferably Hollywood and one that features George Clooney or next best Brad Pitt; and then winding that up with a delectable candlelight dinner for two at a bespoke Mexican restaurant that has soft piped music oozing out of its kaleidoscopic Rembrandt painted walls.

Wow, that’s quite a tall order?

True, but if you can do all this and a bit more you have found your match and will certainly receive a good catch.

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Welcome to Six Sentence Stories

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Six sentences, no more, no less. Any genre. Use the cue as you see fit


By Neel Anil Panicker

For him, women were just a piece of meat, a 55 kg chunk of gastronomic delicacy to be gorged upon, the ravenous lion that he was.

Once afflicted by the Hunger Syndrome, he would scour the landscape, far and wide, hunting for his  prey, while his victims, the hapless mittens that they were, scampered and scurried about, their terror filled eyes almost popping of their sockets, their fair faces etched in perennial worries.

Egging him on in his ‘Big Game’ pursuits were a dubious bunch of self serving raucous acolytes who were no better than bootlickers, stoking further the embers of his passion as the master raconteur regaled them with salacious details of his despicable ‘conquests’.

And then there were the ubiquitous enemies, those jealous brethren who on bumping into him would simply ask, tongue firmly in cheek, “What’s the score, my friend?”

His rejoinder to that and, one delivered with a straight face and rakish grin, would be a terse,

“Still counting, man.”

He was a player for sure; one who played the game, but definitely not by its rules.

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Your challenge is to write your story using the weekly theme/prompt and write it in just 52 words…. EXACTLY, no more, no less.

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The secret you just discovered


What’s the truth

By Neel Anil Panicker

Sharp pain shot through Lata’s chest.

Her head felt as if someone had smashed it with a hammer.

As her body slumped onto the floor, and moments before she lost consciousness, the words of Raj, her husband of a week assaulted her ears, “I need to tell you something. I am gay”.

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CHALLENGE OPEN: 3rd July 2017 to 7th July 2017

Welcome to Five Sentence Story Prompt Challenge Week 3. 

Rules of the challenge: 

  1. Every week a prompt word shall be announced along with a Genre specification for the participants.
  2. Participants need to incorporate the prompt word itself in their entries or can use the prompt word as the framework for their write-up. 
  3. Entries within “Five Sentences” shall only be entertained and may contain as many words as long as it doesn’t exceed five sentences. 
  4. Add the tag “Five Sentence Story Prompt” in the prompt posts.
  5. The entries may be of any format including poems, micro fiction, scribbles, etc.
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This week’s prompt word is –

PASSION – strong and barely controllable emotion.


Genre specification: All Genre


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By Neel Anil Panicker

As the jubilant captain surrounded by his teammates lifted the glittering diamond-studded trophy high up in the air, the jam packed stadium erupted in joy with the thunderous shouts and war cries of frenzied football lovers.

The loudest of the applauses  were reserved for one man, the winning team’s diminutive but ever smiling coach Frederick D’ Souza.

Later in the evening, during the presser, one of the journalists asked him, “How is it you that the boys you pick are all from the rural hinterlands, from the boondocks, absolute nobodys, who in no time metamorphose into world class players?”

The middle aged coach looked the journo in the eye and replied, without batting an eye, ‘Unlike others, I don’t chase the latest fashion which I know is anyways ephemeral. Instead, I groom ran outsiders who have nothing to show but passion, something that always gives returns as it is permanent.’

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THE UNDERTAKER  (word count: 2o8)

By Neel Anil Panicker

In this hot as human breath June madness that’s Delhi, the Rolls Royce wheels out of the billion dollar villa the man the world fears as The Undertaker.

“Nigambodh Ghat,” a voice barks, the decibel, an octave higher than usual.

But even before the last of the syllables crash against the bullet proof glass windows, his armpits dampen, the stomach muscles constrict, the eyelids twitch__actions, all synchronous and as if by mutual consent.

The Devil’s come calling. The six foot muscular frame melts into the car’s interiors. Its owner a slave to the nightmares.

To one, precicesly.

It’s a tin shed abutting the railway yard. His mother’s inside…strange men come and go…Outside it’s cold and dark. He waits. Hears a maddening shriek…his mother’s…scurries inside…she’s on the floor, swathed in blood…he bends down and touches her…she’s dead…hears raucous laughter around him…he lifts the blood smeared axe and smashes it into the man’s skull. A passing goods train mutes the horrendous shrieks.

Sharat Bajirao Amberdkar shares a love-hate relationship with funerals. It’s a plague he best tries to avoid, but falls victim to every now and then.

For such is the nature of his job.

In the night, he hunts out his enemies. In the day, he attends their funerals.