By Neel Anil Panicker

Today, right now, this very moment, I am stepping out. Stepping out, but stepping out into what? Well, that’s something that I don’t know. At least for now.

I don’t know what awaits me; I don’t know what the future has in store fo me; or even how it’s all going to turn out.

But, what I do know for sure is that I am stepping out of the matrimonial bond that I thought you and I shared. I do know with certainty that I am stepping out of a non-existent marriage. And I do know with absolute crystal clear clarity and with utmost conviction that I am stepping out of something bad.

Though, I am unsure about what it is that I am stepping into; even unsure whether it is good or bad, but if were to speak of the latter, all i can categorically say and say it with the deepest of conviction that whatever I am stepping out into can’t be worse than what I am leaving behind.

#neelanilpanicker #oneminutefiction #iamsteppingout #callingitquits #life #relationships

#neelanilpanicker #oneminutefiction #iamsteppingout #callingitquits #life #relationships

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of March 19

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of March 19




December 7: Flash Fiction Challenge

December 7 Flash Fiction Challenge at Carrot Ranch @Charli_Mills

In 99 words (no more, no less) write that features a performance. You can interpret what is a performance any way the prompt leads you.

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Two days, seven hours, thirty-one minutes and still counting. There’s no signs of the torture  ever coming to an end. From his secluded perch in the far right hand corner, I watch with eyes as dead as of a dodo’s at the ‘actors’ and their ‘performances’.

The powers that be had even thought out a name for this form of extreme sadism, grandly christening it as ‘ANNUAL SKILL UPLIFTMENT SESSION’.

My foot! The only skill upliftment was that the hapless trainees had by now learnt how to fall into deep slumber with their eyes split wide open.

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Monday’s One-Minute Fiction: Week of October 30


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By Neel Anil Panicker

A heavily plastered face, mascara, false eye lashes, thick red lips and long six inch psychedelic nails, thick curly hair let loose and falling all the way down to where the spine ends: To us small towners she always was an oddity, a strange creature, as if she was not part of the homosapien species.

We would get shit scared when we spotted her and quickly hid behind walls, dustbins or whatever it was that promised us protection.

One day we spotted her venturing into the forest that lay beside the waterless lake that abutted the nondescript neighborhood where we lived.

To us, all six bosom buddies, she was a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

We thought we had the key to the mystery and followed her to the jungle.

Barely 50 meters or so, we spotted her, beside a huge pine tree, her hands resting on a thick branch, her lips sipping from a blood red glass.

She turned around and that was when we ran for our lives, ran faster than Ben Johnson could ever do so.

It was only much later did we learn about the child serial killings that had hit double digits.

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