WHY I HATE ‘A HAPPY NEW YEAR’ By Neel Anil Panicker I hate New Year greetings. I mean I REALLY HATE new year greetings. It has been a slow build up over the years but when I see people still going around wishing all and sundry A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR it gets my goat. … Continue reading neelwrites/happynewyear/istpostof2017/01/01/2017


  BYE, BYE 2016, A BIG HI 2017 By Neel Anil Panicker It is that time of the year when you ring in a new year. All around I hear people saying the time has come. Boisterous shrieks of joy and laughter rent the air, escaping through every single crevice and wall and in and … Continue reading neelwrites/#writephoto/31/12/2016


ESSAY-NONFICTION Of kites, winds, and flying high By Neel Anil Panicker A certain amount of opposition is a great help to a man. Kites rise against the wind, not with the wind. John Neal, the great American writer and critic was not off the mark when he said this. History is peppered with more such … Continue reading neelwrites/nonmfiction/essay/17/12/2016


9/11- not 9, this rat oops cat has 11 lives By Neel Anil Panicker The world is no longer Hillar(y)ious Trump has climbed out of the dump The female with the false email was sent scurrying back with her tail. Wow! the crotch grabber has won shown who is the international don without a bullet … Continue reading neelwrites/thoughts/trump/09/11/2016


IT’S INDIA, MY DEAR-#01 By Neel Anil Panicker Know how much is an Olympic medal and a gifted  BMW car worth? An astounding 78 crores! Yes, that’s how much the Tripura government has sanctioned for a stretch of road around where Dipa Karmakar resides. Hope we win loads of medals in the next Olympics and … Continue reading neelwritesblog/it’sindiamydear/21/10/2016


What is the most hated word in the English language? Well, for me the answer to that would be ‘a shifting goal post’, if one were to steal a word from the world of football. Back when I was a kid, way upto to my late teens, it was undoubtedly examinations. Exams for short. For … Continue reading neelwrites.middle.english/09/10/2016


Thank you Dear Indian Soldiers, Thank you Modiji Oh! brave commandos Real blood flows, In your mighty veins. When we slept you struck No such luck, For our enemies Well done, Modiji acts have done, what mere words could not We salute you, Sir India wins Pakistan loses. +++ #neelanilpanicker#haiku#09

DELHI- A MULTI-LINGUAL ROAD TRIP By Neel Anil Panicker Traffic makes us mad, doesn’t it? And, if it is about traffic as dangerous and monstrous as we, the denizens of Delhi, experience on a daily basis, then we might as well sign up for hell! But then what recourse do we have other than to … Continue reading


SOME STILL DON’T KNOW THAT A ‘NO MEANS NO’ By Neel Anil Panicker It is a great movie. It has stellar performances from the entire ensemble cast including yet another once in a lifetime performance by none other than the superstar of the millennium__the ageless superstar Amitabh Bachhan who like good old vintage wine seems … Continue reading neelwritesblog/moviereview#01/pink/23/09/2016

neelwritesblog/neel’sCAT-ology- #1/16/09/2016

NEEL’S CAT-ology- #1 CHILL AND TAKE A PILL By Neel Anil Panicker Teaching B-school aspirants, usually a highly invigorating experience, can at times turn out to be very revelatory as well. Just the other day while teaching a class of overburdened but still super charged graduates with the odd sprinkling of post graduates as well, … Continue reading neelwritesblog/neel’sCAT-ology- #1/16/09/2016