Thank you Dear Indian Soldiers, Thank you Modiji

Oh! brave commandos
Real blood flows,
In your mighty veins.

When we slept you struck
No such luck,
For our enemies

Well done, Modiji
acts have done,
what mere words could not

Image result for surgical strike in POK by Indian soldiers

We salute you, Sir
India wins
Pakistan loses.



Dear Mr Narendra Modi,
At times keeping quiet may be a virtue, especially when all others around you are making unnecessary noises.
But what does one do when such noises go beyond human tolerances and begin not just to jar our senses but also to attack our brains with a ferocity that threatens to smash our brains to smithereens?
What do we do then?
Well, if it is a person or even a group, a reasonable option would be to move away from all this; to go to a place where the noises do not reach; a place of safety where tranquility and peace reigns.
But, then, what do we do when the culprit is not a person or a group but an entire nation and the victim is not just a person or a group or even a region but every single person of a nation?
What do we do when that evil nation is our next door neighbour Pakistan and the hapless target of its diabolically evil plans is our dear country India?
Do we still sit with folded hands and wait for the attacks to stop; to hope and pray that the animosity and antagonism; the hate and the evil slowly lessen and fade out with the passage of time?
Or, do we once and for all put an end to this madness; this mindless, senseless vicious cycle of slayings and killings? Do we cross the borders and teach Pakistan a lesson in good manners that it will remember for all its life?

Time is precious and we are currently sitting on a time bomb that can explode any moment. I will not waste a single moment here and come to the point.
As an ordinary law abiding citizen of India, I am writing this on behalf of the over 1.2 billion people of this great country not just to convey our deep anguish and hurt over the attacks at our army base yesterday or even to express our condolences over the despicable, utterly cruel, evilish act which has lead to the snuffing away of the lives of over 17 of our brave army men?

No, Sir, this is not the time to dwell on what happened yesterday or what has been happening for all these years. Nor is it the moment to mourn over the deaths of countless others of our brethren including innocent civilians of this great nation who have been slaughtered over the decades by these inhuman merchants of death from across the border.
The purpose of this letter is to beseech you nee tell you in unequivocal terms to put an end to this utterly senseless, barbaric act of Pakistan once and for all by declaring war on that evil incarnate called Pakistan.

Dear Mr Modi, The other day we saw you in the arms of your mother, feeling loved and wanted.
The picture of the two of you__ proud mother and obedient, loving son, arms and hearts entwined, warmed the cockles of our hearts.
Our chests swelled with pride looking at this pure, unadulterated celebration of sheer human joy.
The picture also told us a few things about you. That you are a good man; a man of deeply ingrained noble values; a man blessed with a good soul.
It also reaffirmed our faith in you. It showed us that in electing you as the leader of our country, we have not erred one bit.
That the overwhelming mandate by which we elected you as the prime minister of this nation was a well thought out, judicious decision and will certainly not go to waste.
Dear Modiji, you come from a nation of iron men, men of steel, men of mettle who know how to settle__disputes and all__once and for all.
The time has come for you to repose that trust, to fulfil your promise, to tell the world and its neighbour what India and Indians are capable of.
We have heard your roar. It is time you go for the kill.
It is time you pick up the gun to put the gun down.
That is the only way to usher in ache din.
Yours in anticipation,
A citizen of India

We want Kashmir but do we want the Kashmiris?
By Neel Anil Panicker
Sorry, I don’t practice the brand of nationalism that you do. That was how I retorted the other day to a friend of mine who had the temerity to call me an anti-national.
He didn’t just stop at that. In fact, he went to the other end of the spectrum and accused me of being a pseudo secularist as well. My only crime: I had espoused the cause of all those hapless children who are languishing inside the four walls of their battered homes or lying around in abysmally poor and overstretched hospitals that dot the once beautiful Valley of Kashmir; I spoke about my anguish at how their faces and limbs have been scarred and damaged by pellets and bullet injuries with a few unfortunate among them even partially or fully blinded, quite unfortunately caught in the crosshairs of a fierce almost two-month old battle between the separatists and the Indian armed forces.
The very same person, a highly respectable married man who dotes on his two dear little school going kids was all chagrined and highly offended and even went to the extent of calling me an active member of the pro-Kashmir brigade.
All simply because I happened to empathise with the plight of innocent Kashmiri children who are virtually confined to a life behind closed doors and face a dark uncertain future with no idea of when they would be able to go back to their schools which remain shut for an interminably long period.
Don’t these children have a right to education and a future; or are they to be treated merely as the discarded and forgotten children of a lesser God__a god unkind enough to leave them languishing and hopeless; their lives at the mercy of religious and self-serving bigots and fundamentalists of all hues whose only objective is to the forever keep the pot of insurgency burning so that they are able to perennially keep the flame of extremism alive and in the process derive political, economic and religious mileage out of the decade old strife?

Relatives of a Police officer Bashir Ahmad,who was killed by militants

Anantang: Relatives during the funeral of Police officer Bashir Ahmad,who was killed by militants in an attack along with another policeman,at Larkipora Ashmuqam in Anantnag district of south Kashmir. In two days militants killed five security personnel including three BSF Jawans in south Kashmir. PTI Photo(PTI6_4_2016_000189a)

I asked the same question to my good friend and he answered back in full am, his voice rising and his speech rousing all who bothered to care, “Kashmir is an integral part of India and we will kill anyone who even dares to think about usurping it.
All very well said and highly patriotic. After all we Indians have never lacked in jingoism and wear our nationalism with much pride on our sleeves. But then why did my friend clam up when I asked him about the plight of Kashmiri children?
Are they any different from his own children? Or are they not the children of India?
What my good friend and all others who subscribe to his skewed logic need to realize is that the fight here must be as much for upholding the rights of the residents of Kashmir as much as it is about protecting the once ‘Heaven on Earth’ pristine land of Kashmir.
You cannot have your cake and eat it too. For what good is it if we have all of Kashmir but minus its inhabitants___the very beautiful Kashmiris?