Thank you Dear Indian Soldiers, Thank you Modiji Oh! brave commandos Real blood flows, In your mighty veins. When we slept you struck No such luck, For our enemies Well done, Modiji acts have done, what mere words could not We salute you, Sir India wins Pakistan loses. +++ #neelanilpanicker#haiku#09


OPEN LETTER TO THE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA Dear Mr Narendra Modi, At times keeping quiet may be a virtue, especially when all others around you are making unnecessary noises. But what does one do when such noises go beyond human tolerances and begin not just to jar our senses but also to attack our … Continue reading neelwritesblog.openlettertopm/19/09/2016

We want Kashmir but do we want the Kashmiris? By Neel Anil Panicker Sorry, I don’t practice the brand of nationalism that you do. That was how I retorted the other day to a friend of mine who had the temerity to call me an anti-national. He didn’t just stop at that. In fact, he … Continue reading