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By Neel Anil Panicker

‘I want him dead. Did you get that? I want him dead.’ Sheena slammed the phone shut and smashed it onto the cemented floor.

The brand new Samsung broke into two.

Still raging, she stormed into the kitchen, raised herself up a stool, and searched the cupboards high above her head.

After some shuffling around, she found what she was looking for and stepped down.

She turned back to the bedroom and gathered the two pieces together and proceeded to smash them into pulp. In no time all that was left were tiny fragments of metal that she scooped off in her palms and deposited flushed out in the sink.

“Are you over? ”  a male voice called from inside. As if in answer she turned off the lights, furtively extricated herself out of the shimmering black nightie that she was wearing, and then, stark naked, hurled herself onto the bed, into the waiting arms of Harsh.

An hour later, her hunger fully satiated, she raised herself up against the pillow and lit a cigarette, blowing heavily into it as Harsh gazed into her sparkling eyes with unbridled affection bordering on adulation.

Or was that plain lust?

He would never know. All that the handsome hulk knew that he would do anything and everything for this woman beside him, this sexual predator, this virago, this unsatiable beast of a woman who  loved and lusted like no other.

He had known wild love before, but not of this intensity, not of this scale of mind numbing, body searing, soul stirring madness that had been his ever since he met her rather serendipitously while going to office three months ago.

“In a week we shall be free,”. Sheena’s words broke his thoughts.

As in answer he cupped her breasts and dug his teeth into her nipples.

A spasmodic wave of pure delight rippled through her entire gym toned body.

“Come… take me now…now”, she hissed and slipped under the sheets.

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