99 not out

By Neel Anil Panicker

“So, tell me, when did our school ‘Mister Studious’ turn into a skirt chaser?”

“Right after college, six months after father died and, within an hour of landing in New York.”

Nancy released the pebble from her hands. The waters below formed into a small puddle.

“Hmm! that sounds like some real dramatic stuff, isn’t it?”

“Yeah! Three years, two continents, seven countries, and…99 girls”

“You missed out on a well deserved century, though.”

“I ran out of partners…and you?”

“Same story, stuck at 99.”

Sharad looked into her eyes and said,

“Come, let’s complete our centuries”.

Nancy couldn’t agree more.




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By  Neel Anil Panicker

The phone beeped.


With Harsh in the room, and on leave for the next two days, I knew I couldn’t  just pick up the phone and say to forget it.

It beeped again.

Harsh said: “Looks like someone’s very desperate.”

He had seen me on the phone arguing the other day.

What’s the matter” he’d asked.

Someone wants to sell his car, I’d answered, slyly.

He had seen me flipping through car mags of late.

Careful, he’d said. Check mileage and pick up, he added.

I knew what both meant.

“I will”, I said, and walked out, the phone in my hand.

word count: 103



Tina Basu