By Neel Anil Panicker

“Hey Prashant, who has your cricket team lifted on their shoulders?

Well, that’s God Ganesha.

“God? This guy with an elephant’s head and a lone tusk??? I thought Sachin was the ‘God of Cricket?”

Steve, look at his name: Ganesha. Gana means beings, both living and non living. Ganesha controls I, you, every single person, thing, or element in the entire cosmos. This makes him the Lord of all beings. This also makes him powerful, far powerful than Sachin. In fact he’s more powerful than all other five million Gods and Goddesses, and hence we worship him before all else.

“I am so intrigued. He looks so cute, too. Does this dude have parents?”

Well, he’s son of Shiva and Parvati; no he was created by Shiva alone; or by Parvati; or even by both in consultation with Brahma.

“Now, now, wait a minute…It’s a bit confusing. Who are these characters. How could a guy be be born of err created by so many people?”

Well, this is India. Here, anything and everything is possible.


FFfAW Challenge-February 13, 2018






By Neel Anil Panicker

“It smelled? Well, it smelled of burnt plasticky, with overtones of sweet gunpowdery, charring fleshery, and concrete dustery.”

Inspector Sharma looked bemusedly at his colleague and shook his head.

When will these trainee newbies forego their English bred tongue and speak the language of the plebs, he wondered.

‘Yadav, I’m sure you must have taken pictures of the spot. Let me have a look at them.”

Moments later, the two men were peering into a pack of black and white photographs.”

“Sir, I spoke to the tribals. They say it’s always like this__i mean the air’s full of toxic smell. Gun shots, they say. Say it’s the Naxals undergoing weapon training, the forests serving as a natural shooting range”.

‘Ssshhhh…have  a look at this.’

Sharma stabbed his forefinger at a grainy image.

‘See that white patch sticking out of the pot hole. That’s sulphur. It proves an IED blast killed the Home Minister. Now all we have to figure out is who killed him. And that’s a lesson I shall impart you post lunch, ok’.

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of February 6, 2018




By Neel Anil Panicker

‘What’s that Grandpa’?

The nonagenarian wrinkled his cataract ridden eyes and looked towards the direction of the pointed fingers.

“That, my dears, is the King’s Throne”.

They’re looking at two crude wooden benches, its tops carved in solid stone.

“How could this ever be a King’s Throne, Grandpa? You sure are lying.’

Grandpa sat them down on the two benches facing one another.

“Let me tell you a tale. Back in time when I was a kid your age, there were warrior clans that lorded all over. Minus any one king, the six chieftains forever fought with one another leading to bloodshed and sorrow. Then one day they said enough was enough and called a truce. So they came here, sat and deliberated for six days and nights. Finally, one was elected as supreme leader.

He became their king and sat at the centre, the King’s Throne; the others around him. Peace was restored, everyone lived happily ever after.”

The childrens’ eyes bulged in wonderment.

Raju, the brightest of them, muttered, “Wish our present day leaders sat here and smoked the peace pipe.”

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of January 23, 2018

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Inspector Sharma turned around and inspected his surroundings.

The entire near endless desolate stretch looked as if it had fallen off the face the earth, untouched, and therefore immune to the giant wheels of civilizational progress.

All he could see as far as the eye was miles and miles of barren land; jagged disformed rocky hill tops overlooking it and adding to the general grimness of the place.

He turned around to the only thing that marred this vision: the house. Well, not exactly a house, but rather a small room, smaller than your regular sized city toilet.

He ducked under the half broken metal sheet door and gaped inside.

It took awhile before his eyes adjusted to the darkness.

And then he let out a scream that ricocheted off the mud brick walls and banged into his ears, the dissonance almost splitting the delicate drums.

It lay there on the floor, the body, or whatever was left of it___a badly mutilated corpse, chest ripped open, the head a mashed potato__a bumble of bees moving in and out of the lower abdomen, near to the loins.

And then he saw where they were focused, and nearly puked.

The genitals of the man, they were missing!

His mind went into a tizzy but not before he cursed the unknown serial killer that was let loose on the streets of Delhi.

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of January 9, 2018

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By Neel Anil Panicker

“You are making a huge mistake, Chella”.

The 47-year-old leader of Peoples’ War Group stared at his childhood friend Jagdamba Mahto.

The two were holed up in a cave deep inside the Bhadraharsotwa Jungles.

Not many in the extreme left wing party he had founded barely a decade ago had the authority to address him by his first name.

To everyone he was Commander in Chief, a name that struck fear and kept the police forces of five States on tenterhooks.

‘Look what’s happened, Chella. Your dictatorial style’s led to the creation of three more splinter groups. We’ve made enemies. We’ve…’

“Come to the point”.

Even the mild mannered Mahto knew when to tread carefully.

‘Chella, all of us want to overthrow the corrupt government of Karimpala and establish Peoples’ Government. Let your ego not play spoilsport. I suggest a truce. Bring them all under one roof, give them some power, buy their loyalty, my friend.’

Silence followed. After a while Chella spoke, his voice, a soft whisper, “You’re right. Been always right, my friend.’

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FFfAW Challenge-Week of January 2, 2018

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Dolphins shoot up and down from the limpid blue waters, each splash creating concentric rings through which peer out shiny  little red tailed fish, their dove shaped eyes glistening brightly in the glory of the afternoon sun.

From the harbour Lisa watches on, her mind reflective, her eyes finally resting on the ships yonder, on one of them in particular as it readies to depart, the final hoot echoing into the distant skies.

Her mind floated to exactly a year ago. There she was, utterly exhausted and famished, dragging her bedraggled bare boned frame, gingerly stepping onto the deck, taking her first tentative steps in an alien land, a land over a thousand miles away from home, her marital home, a home that turned into a living hell, a 24-hour torture chamber in the almost three years that she remained locked and chained in it.

A swan flapped her wings and floated by.

Watching it, Lisa felt she was one, a fairy in white.

Her heart filled with peace.

At last she had escaped.



FFfAW Challenge-Week of December 19, 2017

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By Neel Anil Panicker

“It looks like our love will die a brutal end,” a scared Preeti cried out.

‘Have faith my dear. I’m sure not all are beasts’ replied Aslam.

His eyes burned as he looked across the half lit room at his ladylove.

The two were holed up in an inner corner room of Swaroop Nagar Police Station.

Outside, they could hear the crowd turning restless, the sloganeering getting shriller and more strident by the minute.

‘Kill the traitor”, “Down with Love Jihadists”, “Protect our women, save Hinduism”.

Leading the blood thirsty group of sloganeers were Preeti’s parents including her two brothers, one elder and the other, a mere twelve years old.

They’re all braying for Aslam’s blood.

Inspector Sharma entered the room.

“They’re mad. Hail from the Dark Ages. Will kill both of you. Take the backdoor. There’s a car waiting outside. Go, get a life. Escape these mad people and their antediluvian mind sets.”

As the two disappeared, Inspector Sharma muttered a prayer.

He was thankful he wasn’t an old dinosaur.

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