MAFIA DON AFZAL GURU SHOT DEAD By Neel Anil Panicker (EPISODE 34 OF A DANGEROUS LOVE) “Shootout in Tis Hazari Courts: Dreaded Mafia Don Afzal Guru shot dead; 5 others killed including 2 cops The nation’s capital today reverberated with the sound of gun fire as Tiz Hazari Courts was witness to one of the … Continue reading neelwrites/mafiadonshotdead/adangerouslove/fiction/novella/episode34/31/05/2018


WELCOME TO SIX SENTENCE STORIES By zoe at This week’s cue is DRY. LINK ER UP! SHOOTOUT AT TIHAR (episode 33 of ongoing novella “A DANGEROUS AFFAIR”) By Neel Anil Panicker It took all of sixty seconds for the languid throng of office workers and the motley crowd of litigants and the ubiquitous entourage that … Continue reading neelwrites/shootoutatTihar/part33ofadangerousaffair/fiction/novella/inmspectorsharmacrimeseries/27/01/2018

neelwrites/anarrival/threelinetales/part32ofadangerousslove/novella/fiction/15/01/2018 Three Line Tales, Week 102 Hosted by SONYA at AN ARRIVAL   By Neel Anil Panicker  Finding nothing unusual in the cheap plastic ID card that read ‘SANITATION DEPARTMENT, GOVT. OF NCT, DELHI, Constable Murugan of the armed Tamil Nadu Police standing guard outside the main entrance of Tiz Hazari Courts waved the nondescript white … Continue reading neelwrites/anarrival/threelinetales/part32ofadangerousslove/novella/fiction/15/01/2018


WelcomeTo Six Sentence Stories Hosted by ZOE at This week’s cue is TUNE! LINK ‘ER UP! TARGET PRACTICE  By Neel Anil Panicker “Fine tune your ears and latch onto every single word that I am about to say now for a lot of blood is going to be spilt in the next hour or so; simply … Continue reading neelwrites/targetpractice/part31ofadangerouslove/novella/fiction/177words/16/12/2017


100 Word Wednesday: Week 48 By BIKURGURL at LABYRINTH Photo by Trevor Cole By Neel Anil Panicker Inspector Sharma looked through the windshield as the approaching police van made a discreet entrance through the usually locked back gates of Tiz Hizari Courts. The vehicle grinded to a halt near the parking area reserved for judges and higher … Continue reading neelwrites/labyrinth/part30ofadangerouslove/novella/fiction/100wordwednesday/11/12/2017


Weekend Writing Prompt #32 – Reflection Hosted by sammicoxwriter Prose Challenge – Write a story in 150 words where a character sees their reflection and is surprised by what they find.   TIME’S TICKING By Neel Anil Panicker It’s one in the afternoon and Tiz Hazari Courts have broken for recess. It’s a bee hive of activity all around … Continue reading neelwrites/time’sticking/part29ofadangerouslove/novella/fiction/10/12/2017


Three Line Tales, Week 96 Hosted by SONYA at DREAM OR NIGHTMARE? By Neel Anil Panicker Liza woke up in a daze, her mind unable to shake off the bizarre visions of a snowy white pony left out in the frosty high hills, its eyes frightened to death and weeping copious tears. It was D-Day, the day when … Continue reading neelwrites/dramornightmare/part28ofADANGEROUSLOVE/novella/fiction/02/12/2017