Thursday photo prompt – Ebb – #writephoto

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Adani closed his eyes and the visions came floating by.

A near dilapidated apology of a mud house sans windows and doors.

He peeped inside and saw a creaking wobbly legged old wooden cot and lying on it an eighty year old woman spitting blood and bile onto the mud floors, her flaked skin and mangled bones spreading out all over like blackish blood cots on deadened bones.

On the floor around her lay in various stages of wakefulness, a shirtless man and a reed thin woman, and five small kids who looked equally emaciated, their socket less eyes staring out into the increasingly darkening roofless skies above.

The youngest among them, barely seven years old, was the template of utter gutter filth: a mixture of urine, bile, blood, spit and vomit was plastered all over his stark naked body, an obnoxiously pungent odour oozing from every single pore.


Adani opened his eyes and saw a hundred television cameras aimed towards him.

A woman thrust a mike. “Sir, how does it feel to have struck gold in this wilderness?”

Gautam Adani, the owner of Adani Power, a Fortune trillion dollar multinational conglomerate smiled wryly, “It feels great, a bit ironical though, as we knew never knew all this while we were living under a pile of gold.”

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Ali stared into the message that came alive on his cellphone.

“Plan 2 kill u. Tmrw court”. Escape, ILU.”

For an instant he feared his heart had stopped beating as his head turned dizzy and a cold dampness broke through his body. It was followed by a wave of spasmodic convulsions that saw his arms and legs contort and twist itself in frightening angles around his entire body.

It took him a while to regain his senses and thereafter the full import of Liza’s message hit him sending his mind careening into the dungeons of despair.

So, it is was true. The Don is after his blood. Wants to kill him. What did she say? Where? Tomorrow…in the court. Escape, ILU were her last words…

As the world around him slept, Ali sat up bolt upright and mulled over the developments.

Tomorrow was his court appearance. He would be taken to court around noon along with other undertrials. They will be in an armored police van.

Somewhere around the court premises Afzal Bhai’s sharpshooters  would be waiting, ready to spray him with bullets.

Ali needed to escape; escape the madness that was Afzal Bhai, escape the dreadful machinations of his henchmen who had a fearsome reputation of always carrying out their boss’ orders right down to the T.

Sleep was an anathema as for the next few hours Ali thought hard and long, running over in his mind a multitude of escape plans, and then slowly discarding them all, one by one, for their sheer impracticality.

As dawn threatened to break through and his fate seemed all but sealed Ali stared into the red bricked walls of his prison, his eyes transfixed on the antics of a lizard that slid in and out of the walls without a care in the world.

For a long time he stared at the reptile, and then suddenly, as if seized by a brain wave, he extricated his phone and stabbed a message, “Meet outside chamber. Get some pythons, live ones. Also carry extra veil…ILU”.

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Thursday photo prompt – Mask #writephoto

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Sweet Alice. That’s what she was known as back in kindergarten.

Cute Al was what her grade one teachers addressed her as.

For a greater part of her schoolhood, Alice served as a most pleasurable stress buster for all.

All that changed when she tipped thirteen.

In a jiffy she turned from cutesy to voracious man eater.

Rohan was her first prey. The spindly guy with long locks who sat directly opposite her in class would never know what hit him.

Soon to follow were Amit and Mukesh, the former the class topper and the other junior football captain.

The next two months saw almost her entire class falling for her charms, whatever that may be.

By the time she left school, she had turned sixteen though was far from sweet.

Her assets included a bouncy voluptuous figure that had the potential to stop a ten tone truck on its tracks; jet black kohl lined bedroom eyes that held within them the promise of forbidden bliss; and a racy tongue that she used to good effect to entice, entrap and enlist more members to her ever burgeoning fan club.

She now boasted of an endless string of lovers, all snared, consumed and discarded within the span of 24 hours__the maximum retention period being an elephantine one week.

The fact that she had a short fuse only added fuel to the fire and as her infinite admirers would have testified, playing with fire had turned into a combat sport as they all rushed to bake their cakes in her red hot oven.

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Thursday photo prompt – Wings #writephoto


By Neel Anil Panicker   

 “Oh my little baby, do you know how lucky you are! Mrs Sinha proclaimed, unabashed delight overriding an otherwise phlegmatic demeanor.

‘Yes Aishu, your mother’s right. We’re most fortunate the proposal has come from the Guptas.’

Aishwarya looked across the room at her parents.

The wall clock chimed eleven; it was well past their regular sleep time.

 “Ashu, count yourself immensely lucky. This is your golden chance. Think about what’s going to happen. You’ll be living in the lap of luxury. London, Paris, Switzerland…all the beautiful places you dreamt about visiting will now be a reality. Oh! I am so happy for you, my dear. They have fallen for your simplicity, your values, and your grand success.”

Grand success! Ah! For sure. Momma was alluding to her bagging the first rank in the IAS, the country’s elite examinations.

Besides the obvious prestige and power, the position brought with it enormous responsibilities. One stroke of her pen, one signature of hers could send many a corrupt person behind bars; protect the poor from exploitation and safeguard the rights of the marginalized.

No, she had made up her mind. Her hard work and education, her simplicity and values was not meant to be sacrificed at the altar of outdated family obligations.

Under no circumstances would she allow herself to be blackmailed and manipulated to end up as a trophy wife of some unappreciative businessman.

Her education had given her wings. It was time now for her to fly and conquer the skies.

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Mona’s Abode

By Neel Anil Panicker

“You said you wanted to know me better. Well then, welcome to my abode.”

Mona opened the tiny two feet high metallic door and ushered Oscar in with an elaborate flourish of her long manicured hands, his golden haired head half bowed in mock deference.

Oscar smiled in response and stepped in.

In the two years of their courtship, he had been at Mona’s house on a number of occasions, though it was the first time she had invited him into the basement, into her ‘childhood den’ as she called it.

“This is where I spent my childhood, a large part of it,  at least, “Mona said, her expressive blue eyes on time travel mode as Oscar took in the minimalist ambience of the colourfully set up ‘girlie room’.

His watchful eyes took in her childhood weapons of pleasure__ cute colourful animal dolls including her favourite__the ubiquitous pink Barbie doll__scores of drawing books, crayon boxes and tracing papers that still shone hints of glitz and shine, the edges, though, slightly frayed and torn.

In the corner, beside a small folding chair, was a small collapsible bed almost pushed to the cream coloured walls that were embellished with netted sky blue curtains.

Overall, the room exuded an overwhelming feeling of utter warmth and serenity.

Oscar spied Mona from the corner of his eyes.

Her saw happy smiling eyes, a radiant face, and a bubbly spirit.

He resolved then and there to give up his criminal ways__for her, for their future together.

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ELIXIR  (250 words)

By Neel Anil Panicker

When I finally told Shabana about wanting a divorce,  she laughed and said, “You must be crazy. Where will you get another woman, rich and beautiful like me?

I replied that I wanted peace.

To which she had shot back, “ No one can get peace.” It’s all in the head. Either you have it or you don’t.”

People say that all the time, especially those close to you, as if it’s all so very obvious.

But is it?

That’s the problem with people. They think peace is related to the acquisition of materialistic pursuits; to the construction of an earthly paradise on the most prized landmass available; of coveting things beyond an ordinary man’s grasp.

They envy what I have: a fancy bungalow, a stinkingly wealthy heiress for a wife, one whose external beauty needs refurbishing through quarterly botox shots in the face, chest and God knows where.

But if one were to think of peace as the avoidance of such acquisitions, they’d understand how achievable it is.

Take me for instance. It’s been a week since I divorced Shabana and escaped to this shack by the sea. There’s only me, the sun and the sands.

And man, am I at peace?. Truth be told, I am dripping in peace.

And if that’s possible for a week, then it must be possible to string together one entire month of peace, and then an entire year of peace, and then several years of peace.

Well it’s difficult, but it’s doable.

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Thursday photo prompt – Shore #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt – Shore #writephoto