photo by Simon Smith


By Neel Anil Panicker

She had always dreamt of this_ covered fron head to toe in thick clothing- fur cap, clear vision goggles, long triple layered jacket, heavily spiked knee high boots et al- and she up in the high mountains, and all around as far as the eye could see sky kissing mighty, their distant milky white snow capped peaks an invitation to heavenly bliss.

That this would be possible barely a week after ending her horrendous decade old marriage with an absolute no gooder, a vilest of beings who believed in beating his wife black and blue every single night as a mark of manhood, was something the 33 year old had never ever imagined would happen in her wildest of optimistic dreams.

As she trekked on, and climbed further up the rocks, her feet only  stopping once every  two hours or so, her sights set on conquering the mightiest peak of all-  Mt. Everest no less- Gayatri   Pradhan felt stronger and stronger, her mind and heart infused with a new found vigour, enthusiand and  passion for life for she knew was discarding the old and ugly and embracing the new, a fresh start to an absolutely love filled, happy life all over again.

#neelanilpanicker #shortstory #flash #fiction #tlt  #life #love


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