Meeting – Image by KL Caley

By Neel Anil Panicker

The instructions were very clear.
The email read: Coming Tuesday, September 21, 2022 take the NH24 from the Noida Link Road. Drive a steady 40 km for the next two hours. You will see barren land to your left. Take the dirt road. The only one there.
Drive for another 15 minutes.
You will reach a fork end.
Two paths follow
Take the left one.
Drive through hilly rocks.
At some point you will have to abandon your car.
Walk uphill for another hour hacking your way through dense foliage.
By now you would have taken a quarter to three hours from New Delhi Railway Station.
You will finally reach a clearing.
It’s a woodland at the centre of which you will spot a few fallen trees.
All cut to size.
At the centre is a massive oak chair.
Spacious enough for two.
I will be seated there; waiting for you.

Reena read the mail, twice.
Then, one more time.
‘Never knew a first date, that too blind, would turn out to be so adventurous’, the 25 year old muttered to herself.

Excitedly, she stabbed a few keys on her mobile phone.
Some 100 kms away, the words came alive on a laptop screen.
‘Yes, I’ll be there”.

Sixty-five year old serial killer Thomas Kuriakose smiled evily.

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1 thought on “neelwrites/flash/fiction/writephoto/09/09/2022

  1. Very sinister entry Neel. Very good. You may wish to review this extract though “that too blind” from this sentence, ‘Never knew a first date, that too blind, would turn out to be so adventurous’. Thank you for a fantastic entry to #writephoto. I have set this to publish later in the week. KL ❤


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