By Neel Anil Panicker

What is the first thing you notice about a woman,” asked Sarita.

Pat came Inder’s laconic reply: Eyes.

A smiled creased the former’s eyes.

Still, unwilling to leave her boyfriend off the hook that easily, she prodded on.

“Tell me, what about her eyes, Inder?”

Laconic Inder shot back, “Whose eyes?”

The response left Sarita biting her lower lip.

She sighed inwardly.
A moment later, composure regained, she changed tack.

Decided to pull his leg.

“Hey, are there some other eyes you have been seeing of late?”, she countered affecting a faux pas mocking tone.

All Inder could do, knowing he had been terribly cornered, was smile sheepishly.

Then in a face flushed with embarrassment, he blurted out, “Your eyes, my darling. I don’t know about women in general, but your eyes, your beautiful black button eyes are the first thing I noticed about you”.

A sucker for such wholesome compliments, Sarita’s heart glowed with happiness.

She smiled, secure in the knowledge that she had picked the right guy to be her boyfriend.

Yet, still unwilling to let Inder off so easily, the naughty woman that she was, decided to have the last laugh.

With a glint in her eyes, she stated, “Hope it isn’t the last thing you notice”.

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