Image by KL Caley


By Neel Anil Panicker

The twelve inch high grass had made the walk through the acre length thickly infested jungle a Herculean task. Three hours in the swamps had made the trio of Tanisha, Akshay, and Nishant extremely tired, thirsty  and at the edge of their nerves.

Especially, the two boys.
Nishant, ever the complainer, couldn’t just stop venting his feelings.
“I had told you his jungle thing is the stupidest expedition I have ever consented to.”
As he said so, he looked at Tanisha accusingly.

Akshay, slightly more considerate, deftly steered the talk to the mission at hand.

“Cheer up guys, there’s always light at the tunnel.”

Hearing her college friend’s words of comfort brought a smile to her face.

The three had trekked a mere fifty feet further
when Tanisha let out a shriek, a wild delirious  full throated scream that swam high up the tall trees, floated way beyond the clouds yonder, before falling down to crash against the distant hills__ the echoes resonating in every human ear within a two mile radius.
There, partially obscured by the dense foliage was the most ethereal sight she had seen in a long, long time__ a moss filled all black pyramid shaped stony structure___its dungeon like mouth holding out an eerie invitation.

Tanisha jumped, squealed and half ran towards it.
She had found what she was looking out for__the centuries old secret chamber, the cave in the Vindhya mountains that held in its womb wealth of a scale unimaginable to any  human being.

Tanisha, the slip of a twenty year old girl with an insatiable wanderlust and an aching weakness for chocolate ice creams had found her El Dorado right in the deep innards of a jungle that few ever ventured even in broad daylight.

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