By Neel Anil Panicker

There will be all noes and zero ayes when it is up for voting for there’s no way that anyone in his right senses will allow such a regressive bill to be ever turned into a law, boomed Digamber Jain’s high pitched voice.

The sixty year old retired military personnel ‘s narrow eyes encircled his motley bunch of listeners as he thundered these words.

A moment’s silence followed, no more, no less.

Thereafter, all hell broke.

A melange of tongues across the board flung themselves left  right and centre, and the ensuing verbal fusillade made sure that not one among the two odd dozen of early morningers to Sudarshan Tea Corner ever felt lonely, left out or not worthy of attention_ either as a spell bound listener, or, as a passionate chest thinking proponent or opponent of the much discussed  and even more maligned topic under discussion.

And why would it be anything but so  when  the matter under contention_should Indian Muslims be forced to junk certain ‘divisive’ and ‘discretionary’ practices as allegedly enshrined in the Holy Quran in favour of the more ‘inclusive’, more ‘secular’Indian Constitution that all citizens of India need to obey and live by.

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1 thought on “neelwrites/flash/fiction/shortstory/16/04/2022

  1. Politicians might benefit from frequenting tea and coffee houses if they want to try and catch a glimpse into how people really feel about controversial issues.

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