By Neel Anil Panicker

You are my canvas and on you I shall paint all  my dreams were the exact bewitching words  used by Alfred to inveigle his way into the heart and mind of the extremely gorgeous and equally naive Fatima.

And then it didn’t really matter there twenty one year old third year medical student that Alfred Noble (an irony wrapped in a pun!) was a Casanova of the worst order.

Well meaning friends would implore the beauty that the above lines were Mr (Ig) Noble’s classic pickup line, one  he had used for umpteen girls before her.

They would recount innumerable instances of impressionable young girls, a few still holding on to their teens, girls drop dead beautiful and with voluptuous bodies to boot–all girls whom the incorrigible philanderer had first flirted with, then wooed and finally bedded.

But such is the power of love, or shall I say, the destructive power of love that it blinds its ‘receiver’ to all errors of ommission and commission of the doer.

And so it was that Al the Player carried on with his womanising ways, entrapping and bedding one gullible girl after the other while poor little Fatima held on to the mistaken belief was Al was hers, in this life and the thereafter.

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1 thought on “neelwrites/flash/shortstory/sss/09/03/2022

  1. Oy I really hope someday it catches up to him


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