Photo credit goes to: KL Caley


By Neel Anil Panicker

What’s cranky, crabby and goes click clackety clang?”,  asked Diya as she put on the perfect poker face.

Inder, taken in by her near phlegmatic visage, pronounced a tad grandly, “that giant frog over there”.

Diya’s eyes followed the trajectory of her college mate.
She spotted, as her friend had stated, a massive gleaming frog dyed a deep green sitting pretty on an oblong rocky edge.

Two classes had been camcelled; the rest of the day was as bald as an eagle’s head.
That explained the presence of the 20 year old ‘s at the National Zoo.

The beauty burst into laughter.
“That’s you  stupid!”

As Inder looked stupefyingly, Diya clarified that crab that you see is YOU.
And she watched him continue with his look of utter befuddlement, Diya hit the final nail in the coffin.
“You duffer, don’t you realise how much you make me suffer with your constant bickerings and complainings and your near suffocating cantankerous crabby crankiness!”

All Inder could do is look shamefacedly at the girl  whilst vowing to himself that he needed to very quickly undergo a behavioral course correction or risk losing his girlfriend of less that ninety days.

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