By Neel Anil Panicker

The heavenly brew exceeded his expectations.
His lip to cup, the killer sipped; the piping hot tea sending warm tingling sensations trickling down his throat.
Perched at a roadside shack just off Delhi-Meerut Highway, Rama Yadav relaxed, his facial muscles breaking into an extended tortuous smile.
A stone’s throw away, buses, trucks, cars et al whizzed past. Men and machine were at play; busying themselves in the mundane business of life.
The sixty six year old smiled, downed his cup, quashing away its contents in one gulp, and then headed towards the city.

Tomorrow was another day, another killing to do, one more to add to his list of seven, this year, so far.

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Always bubbly, ever smiling, also rambunctious to the core, proffered Alisha Chauhan, wannabe criminal lawyer and best friend of the murdered woman Sara Verghese.

Among the last of the mourners, Alisha wiped tears as the words slided out if her lips, albeit uncosncoulsy even as the near endless line of    the dead woman’s friends, relatives, admirers and coworkers grew longer and longer.

Cochin City Crime Branch Inspector Vincent Chacko was among those who had gathered in the late afternoon at Patrick’s Cremation Ground just off the ever bustling sea viewing  Marine Drive, yet, unlike others, he was neither friend nor foe.

Merely a cop on the scent of the elusive serial killer, the murdered lady in question his sixth victim in as many months.

As a white robed priest solemnly rendered the final Biblical hymns as a mark of respect for the departed soul amidst slight wails from the late woman’s near and dear ones, another man, clad in an all black ensemble-black pants, black full length shirt, black bandana and black glasses stood behind a giant pipal tree fifty metres away in a far corner of the acre long burial ground.

His eyes switched from the coffin and hooked onto Chacko even as his lips broke into a curve that was pure evil.

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By Neel Anil Panicker

Sara licked her fingers one more time.
Aaah! An elongated epiglotal sigh released from her lips.

She ran her tongue for the umpteenth time all over her pallete, her inner mouth opening itself to the wondrous sensations the tongue tips generated.

The meal, dinner, was worth the effort.
As she slid the exquisite bone China plate into the kitchen sink, she surveyed its contents.
It was empty, every morsel wiped clean.
No ounce of any bone, not even a dash of the curry.

Her hungry, ravenous soul had devoured everything, every lip smacking bit off the plate.

Happy, satiated to the core, the 26 year old fashion designer towel dried herself, and them ambled towards her bedroom, her ears warming to a deliriously happy rendition of ‘You are my Valentine’

One last thing Sara did before slipping into the arms of the night.
The very thought sent tingling waves of rhapsodic delight all through her gorgeous body.

She had to send him his mandatory goodnight kiss.
Nimble feverish fingers tapped out the letters…Good night, my LOVE…
Her stabbed the keys…
Unaware, unknown to her, the killer watched her through the bedroom door key hole,
a glint in his devilish  eyes.

Oblivious to this, Sara kissed goodbye to her lover; also to the world.

#neelanilpanicker #flash #fiction #shortstory #episode2

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Dark Night Unveils

By Neel Anil Panicker

Rajesh bit his lower lip, then began furiously scratching his lower back,  left hand, all five fingers, attacking the coarse yellow skin, the six inch long nails digging deep, almost cutting into the constricted veins.

The 30 year old did this roughly six times a year. Every time before he murdered someone.

His hollowed out eyes scanned the sky. The starlit blanket above shone bright, its sharpened beams dancing in the crazed pupils of his eyes.
A second later, he got the answer to his search.
The curtains on the 24th floor bedroom window were drawn.
The killer smiled, evilly.

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  1. Enjoyed this and the cliff hanger was a nice way to end this. Great writing! 🙂

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