At Her Fingertips

By Neel Anil Panicker

She had that thing, that what they say-a musical ear, the kind that makes one cock his head sideways and listen to that sound, that faintest of sounds emanating from the distant beyond, and revel, utterly rhapsodised in the sheer wonderment of Nature and the unpleasurably pleasurable joy of being alive!

And when at the tender age of four little Donna was asked the innocuous though cliched poser by her doting parents as to what she would like to grow up to be, the words that bolted out of petal soft lips faster than a Usain Bolt sprint towards the finish line was a no brainer: Piano Master.

A decade and half later as her parents and two younger siblings sat amongst a global audience in the packed Royal Albert Hall and waited for the curtains to swing open for the annual ‘An Evening With World Renowned Piano Expert Ms. Donna Sanghvi, they knew their precocious daughter had done them immensely proud by showering the world with the superlative gift of her finger tapping music.

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