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By Neel Anil Panicker

“He boarded the wrong train. A pity ‘coz God had laid out the perfect track for him,” lamented Edwin minutes after the casket containing his best friend David’s body was lowered onto the ground.

The mourners, over a hundred, who had braved the sudden gust of winds and near incessant rains for the past seven hours, would’ve certainly agreed with the young man’s observation about the deceased.

What else would one say of a talent who was hailed as the next big thing in international cricket!
The headline the next day screamed, “19 year old Star Dead; Heroin Overdose Suspected”.

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8 thoughts on “neelwrites/flash/fiction/shortstory/110words/17/07/21

  1. Such a sad story. Addiction is a killer.

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  2. Dear Neel,

    What a tragedy. And it happens all to often these days, doesn’t it. Nicely done.



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  3. Well said. A sadness indeed.

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  4. I like how you start your story with the colloquialism. I also like how you build suspense as to what happened to David. Drugs are blank-eyed, remorseless harbingers of death and anguish. Sorry they took such a promising young man to the grave.


    1. Thanks for the lively feedback. Yes, drugs are a huge universal menace.

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      1. You’re welcome, Neel.


  5. michael1148humphris

    A grim reminder of how some lose out big time, drugs can be evil


  6. A very tragic take. Drug abuse and overdose steal so many lives. Great take!


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