PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


By Neel Anil Panicker

“My child. His love bled her dry. He killed her. He’s…

“Stop it, will you?”

Shirley stared at Harry. She stepped forward, hands in tragic Christ like gesture, and shot back, “Why shouldn’t I say? Is the truth not very palatable to you, my little oh so morally correct brother?”

Harry’s lips zipped, momentarily zapped by the verbal fusillade.

He glared at his twin sis; her guilt ridden limpid blue eyes, a watery grave, confirmed his worst apprehensions.

The doc in him made a mental note.

He turned around and left.

A tree had died, the stump needed to grieve.

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8 thoughts on “neelwrites/flash/fiction/ff/100words/07/07/21

  1. It truly sounds like part of her has died.


  2. Dear Neel,

    Interesting concept.




  3. Love this, beautiful and poignant.


  4. I love this description:
    “her guilt ridden limpid blue eyes, a watery grave, ”
    It hurts just to think of looking into such eyes.


  5. In my experience a tree stump toys it best to grow shoots of life. You captured the safest moment and fear of every tree.


  6. Lots of pathos here. I’m glad the brother had the sense to leave.


  7. A unique take on the prompt and a great metaphor for the loss of a loved-one.


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