By Neel Anil Panicker

“Stay in isolation. Home quarantine yourself. Maintain six feet distance. Wash your hands with soap…sanitize…wear mask nee double mask yourself…and lastly, and most importantly, double vaccinate yourself.

Phew! That’s quite an order! I am sorry. I am sorry I have failed. I have failed in performing my duties as a law abiding citizen. Well not all!

I did obey the first one, though.

I did nee do stay in isolation.

Well, I can’t help but stay in isolation. You see, I am poor, and the jungle is my home. So,  no one knows about isolation better than me. What say…?”

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9 thoughts on “neelwrites/shortstory/ff/100words/16/06/21

  1. Social distancing taken to the extreme


  2. Nah, everyone needs to go hug everyone. Good story.


  3. Neel, the thing about isolation is that you miss everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Life is a package deal, and isolation has no package. Good story!


  4. I found the statement, “You see, I am poor, and the jungle is my home.” to be incredibly sad. Well written piece, Neel.


  5. A social distancing success story. Well done.


  6. Dear Neel,

    Social distancing taken to the extreme. Nicely done.




  7. He might discover once this pandemic is all over– he is the only one left alive!


  8. Isolation is the only thing on the list I have difficulty with, but it’s clearly a way of life for your narrator. Nice one Neel.

    Here’s mine!


  9. He is very safe and isolated, far from any threat of the virus. Great take!


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