– Image by KL Caley

HOLED UP (short story/one minute read)

By Neel Anil Panicker

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and with no remnant of any human habitation within a fifty mile radius, the jungle was ideally located for someone looking go make it their hideout, their secret rendezvous.

The part grassy, part rocky patch included a tiny yet comfy bamboo hut deep inside
the thick foreat and enclosed on all sides by the brackish waters of a lagoon that had somehow managed to eacape the wrath of the Arabian Sea and found comfort in the slushy undergrowth that was surrounded on all sides by thick mango groves.

It was here that the Gang Of Four _Alfred, Lijo, Frankie, and Remo_ met; their den a place none dare enter even in broad daylight leave alone at a ghostly hour when owls and hyenas ruled roost alongwith  myriad other two and four legged species several quite unknown to the hoi polloi.

“So, are you telling me the these four men, the robbers who looted Bank of India of 30 million rupees are holed up in this jungle, and that you can lead me to…?”.

“The tunnel, the den where they are hiding is familiar to me, and I can take you there”.

The seventy year old informer smiled a toothless grin before adding, “Tell me Chacko Sir, when have I ever disappointed you!”?

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