THE WRONG QUESTION (fiction/one minute read)

By Neel Anil Panicker

“After having lived through, and experienced in all its diabolical intensity the worst that any human can ever think of, after having lost more than a few close and some not so close relatives, friends, acquaintances et al to the deadly bug, and after having expended a good year and half watching on a near constant basis horrific, spine chilling images of men , women and children rushing in and out of overcrowded, filth ridden hospitals that lack basic first amenities leave alone life saving equipments such as ventilators, oxygen cylinders and anti-Covid vaccines, and after having now known the value if every single breath and unknown fear that it could your last one, you have the gumption to ask me: ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?”

The question, highly nonsensical nee insensitive to the core, and more so, as it were put forth by a serving Prime Minister of a country that had, in the past decade or so, bore the brunt of not only the worst economic slowdown in modern man’s memory but also seen the maximum number of its denizens fall prey to the Corona virus was rightfully met with the derision it deserved.

Professor Ananta De smiled wryly at his chess partner Romesh Sethi, nodding his head in agreement as he did so.

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