By Neel Anil Panicker


“So what?”

Tina turned away, her face now looking upwards, above the swarm of kites  far into the distant horizon dotted with myriad peaks that emanated varying shades of grey as the sun prepared to bid adieu to Planet Earth’s denizens.

Not one to give up, Isha waited for the waves to quieten down before repeating her earlier single word, mono syllabic query.

Tina, this time, her eyes still affixed on the fast disappearing orb, replied, albeit haltingly.

“So what, Isha?”

This time her childhood buddy didn’t wait for the interrugnum.

‘Tina, you know very well what I am alluding to. It’s about Saransh. Have you really ditched him. Are the two of you no more a couple?’

A kite fell a mere feet from where the two were standing.

Tina bent down, picked it, and held it a tad above shoulder height. As she relaxed it, the multi-hued paper contraption took to the azure skies. The two girls stared upwards as the kite 
flirted with the winds and slowly became a speck before losing itself in the silvery clouds.

Around them, the crowd of merry picknickers and revellers that included entire families, couples and the ubiquitous singletons, all who until now were partaking of the pleasures of the beach, slowly began to thin out, all dragging their feet away from the sandy stretches as the city of Cochin began to shroud itself in an all black blanket.

It was then that Tina’s husky voice broke through the pregnant silence.

“Yes, we’ve broken up. Compatibility issues. He is not the beach kind of guy I’d envisaged him to be.”

Isha parted her lips but at the nth moment checked herself.

She realised it was to be recurring problem with her childhood friend.
It wasn’t to do about the beach or sun or the hills or anything at all.

A traumatised childhood does that to some, she knew.

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1 thought on “neelwrites/flash/writephoto/fiction/09/06/21

  1. Oh no! A bittersweet story Neel. Thank you for joining in the challenge:

    #WRITEPHOTO – Beach

    KL ❤


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