God_Stop This Madness!

With forlorn eyes I scan the every darkening horizon
wonder how quickly our bad times have  begun

I stare up at the waxing moon
ask what made her sad so soon

I look around and see a sea of floating corpses
when did man and woman collapse like dead horses?

when did hospitals close its doors?
how long should people die on barren floors?

___awaiting a bed, awaiting an injection,

awaiting life saving oxygen

Seven dead due to lack of oxygen cylinders/
Police arrest top medicine black marketeers/

Pregnant woman dies in auto/

Hospitals turn into ghettos

Headlines scream daily tales of fresh casualties
Unmindful, the cruel virus continues to devour more fatalities

Doors remain shut, citizens hide behind triple layer mask
all worried what the next breath would unmask

children cower under beds, scared of the unknown
none know who is to succumb next among their known

Is this a horror show, or some dark scary  nightmare?
Why and for how long do we live in such scare?

None have answers though all have questions
The men we voted to power still speak like politicians

Carry on with rallies, scream shameless lies from news rooms
wish someone would wipe them away with brooms

Wish we breathe much needed air
wish we inhale air that doesn’t come with a scare

we pray for an end to this madness
pray for a return of all our happiness

I look up, hands folded, a prayer on my lips
hope God listens, gives us some survival tips

#neelanilpanicker #poem #covid19 #virus #deaths #India #prayforIndia

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