On Knife’s Edge (poem/abstract/philosophy)

By Neel Anil Panicker

I gravitate towards the edges
not for me the centric existence
away from all madness
far from the banal colophony of mundane existences
I sit, clutching, clinging at the peripherals
hanging, dangling, holding on to dear life
my exasperating, palpitating breath
I am but an act of survival

precariously hanging on to sordid life

on the precipice of knife’s edge

still, far away from the make believe
a world that’s artificial

artifice personified
a universe with an empty soul
a land that’s a dead end,
a gravitational pull that pushes all to its centre
only to extricate, scoop out all of man’s dignity
leaving his pockets full___yet nauseatingly
deeply saddeningly–his soul all empty.

Into that void I shall not rush,
shall not hurry to be part of this faceless,
dog eat dog inhuman world

a world sans all goodness sans humanity___

heartless to the core

I would rather hold on to my corners,
merely sit back and observe

life play out its tragic Shakespearean dramas
the players all taking the stage
and playing their nefarious roles
while I—neither sanguine nor despondent

poker faced and ever stoical___

await, keep guard, merely bide time
for the curtains to come down
on the grand finale to pithy, pitiless man’s earthly sojourn

-our  final departure from life’s stage
the culmination of a life less lived

the deliverance and salvation of man
the end of being, also, albeit hopefully___
the beginning of soul’s purification.

#neelanilpanicker #poem #life

3 thoughts on “neelwrites/poem/life/03/02/21

  1. Love how it came together… striving to find those edges is something we need to dare to more often… being complacent is all too common.
    BTW I corrected your link, now it should work for Me Linky.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for fixing the link, Bjorn. I wasn’t sure how to do it.


  2. Neel, you have a very strong voice here, and I like how you put your feelings in the poem together. Not used to reading poetry from you. Hoping to do it more often.


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