By Neel Anil Panicker

‘What’s your theory’, she asked as she ran soft fingers through a mop of thick curly hair that ran all the way down to the nape of his neck.

Arif, lost to the soothing touches of his beloved, failed to hear, or at least pretended not to have heard Reshma’s probing question, rendered in a most mellifluous voice, a sound so sweet and soothing to the ears that common friends of the 22 something duo had likened to a nightingale’s.

Not one to lie in wait, Reshma decided to take things in her hands—literally.

She sat upright, adjusted her dupatta, and then, cupping her handsome lover’s rugged face, she asked, this timea bit too pointedly, the contours of her beautiful face adopting a stentonarian look, “Arif answer me—what’s your theory—why do two madly in love doting, couples fall out of love, and then of the two decides to end his or her life?”

Arif, forced to a corner, extricated his hands from wherever it were busy indulging itself, and responded, albeit, in a very measured tone, choosing every word of his utterance carefully, “My sweetheart, your question itself is the answer.”

As Reshma looked on, his charming face now morphed into the epitome of puzzlement, Arif delivered his piece de resistance, “Maybe, the one who chose to live was only dating whereas the one who chose to die had crossed the threshold of dating, and entered into the very fragile terrain of doting”.


3 thoughts on “neelwrites/realisticfiction/28/02/21

  1. UP

    Glad you’re back

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  2. Tragic and senseless. Life lost to suicide. Your Six gives one pause. While fiction, it makes you wonder how often lost love drives people to that brink.

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