three line tales, week 265: a woman in a green ballgown walking down a dirt road barefoot

Going Green With Envy

By Neel Anil Panicker

The moment Roshni’s hawkish eyes lay seige to the shimmering gold embroidered peacock green six yards of sheer wondrous silky smooth fabric, her huge black button eyes glinted in rhapsodic delight.

A week later, as the ravishing 31year old blond haired bombshell stepped out of her chauffeur driven pearly white S series Mercedes, and daintly walked towards the main lobby of Hotel Sheraton, and therefrom to the uber cool chandelier lit stately Coffee House, the dainty beauty knew she had the attention of every single male from age seven to 70, with many openly turning their heads around to have a second, even a third look at the svelte figure that sashayed past them, leaving their fragile hearts aflutter with uncontrollable excitement.

Cocking a snook at her salivating admirers, the lissome lass directly headed towards the corner table where awaited her financial advisor turned lover, a certain Ashish Chanana, the man who had lain seige to her heart and now commanded her supreme attention and devotion, the 25 year old orphan who had risen up the social ladder by sheer dint of his fierce determination aided by a blood thirsty desire to avenge the humiliation and death of his impoverished father at the merciless hands of

Ravinder Gupta, the filthy rich venom spewing owner of Gupta Constructions, also doting father to his only child, Roshni Gupta.

#neelanilpanicker #flash #fiction #shortstory


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