By Neel Anil Panicker

I knew he would cheat. Knew he would be swallowed by those swirling froth filled pearly white waters that spring from the inner core of Mother Earth. I mean just look at these waves, as high as ten story buildings, giant flotillas that bob on the ocean fronts and that take great pride in their monstrous strength, that rush in with such great tectonic force and with a frightening velocity to dash against the rocky edges, unmindful that in doing so they are meeting death headlong. Isn’t something very tragic about them aka characters in a Greet love story, all hurtling themselves to proverbial doom. I knew he too had come much like them—not to create but to destroy. I knew he spelled DANGER with a capital D.”

Ragini stared at Aditi, her best friend from college, and wondered what had turned such a  sensible, pragmatic person as Aditi into such an ignoramus being.

‘Was it love, “? she wondered, a bit too loud.

As if reading her thoughts, Aditi replied, turning her gaze away from Ragini, and pointing a finger towards the sea.

The blue of the Indian Ocean had turned a darkish grey; in the distant horizon, the sun had decided to call it a day—its orangish rays slowly tinging the fast fading out blue skies.

“See those crests and troughs”.

As Ragini looked on, Aditi continued, “Those waves are born and die every single moment.
Their lives are transient; much like us human beings. Raghav was one such life. He came, he loved, he died. But his love lives on in my heart”.

At that moment, as Ragini looked, alternating her gaze between the unhinged madness of the massives mountains of waves that birthed and drowned and then rebirthed yet again in acts of supreme, nonchalant defiance, and at her best friend Aditi, she had an epiphanic moment—the 25 year old realised, and with with crystal clear clarity that lovers are aliens creatures, and that they don’t ever die–their souls living on to the ends of time.

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3 thoughts on “neelwrites/shortstory/23/02/21

  1. This is beautiful. Has a wonderful romantic message. Well done.

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