three line tales, week 264: a graffiti artist's studio

IT’S NOT WHAT YOU SEE (mini tale)
By Neel Anil Panicker
Her words, the musings of the only girl he had ever fallen in love, the only woman, who in his thirty year old roller coaster life, had managed to penetrate his tough no nonsense zero emotion Rock Gibralter like exterior, and brought him to his knees (albeit in a nice way, he surmised), went as usual ove his head.

“What…”, Harsh’s lips quivered and words faltered, as he somehow fumbled on, “what exactly do you mean when you say that we can’t be together, that we won’t be happy together, and all such gibberish when you know very well that I love and worship you like bo man could ever another woman”?.

A moment’s pregnant silence followed only to soon be pierced by Sheena’s voice, kindly yet firm, “You are good loving soul Harsh, and I am very sure you would make a great husband and a ideal family man, yet, I am constrained not to accept your proposal of marriage as I am ain’t what you are seeking—I am an unpredictable, zany, crazy, multi-hued nomadic footloose and fancy free personality who is yet to discover herself ala an absolutely stupefying overtly mindless abstract painting, an aberration so annoying that even the painter who drew it is at a loss deciding where begins its head and where ends its tail”.

#neelanilpanicker #Flash #fiction #shortstory #tlt

#neelanilpanicker #fiction #shortstory #tlt

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