A KILL TO SWEAR BY (mini tale)

By Neel Anil Panicker

“I will kill him and throw his body in the ravine. That way no one…”


Alwyn’s voice was a half scream.

Both, Laksh and  Bharat, turned around and looked at him, their incredulous expressions making it all too clear what was going on in their minds.

As Alwyn continued to stare at his two childhood buddies, Bharat decided to take matters in his hand.

“Listen Alwyn,” he interjected, his voice an oasis of calmness.

“Laksh is right. We got to kill the bastard and the only way we ensure none of us are ever caught is to make the body disappear. And tell me Al, what better place than the Rock to make this happen.”

A sixty second long tension ridden pregnant silence followed

The three young men___all kissing the last dying days of teenhood, all childhood best friends___looked at one another even as the tension in the air thickened.

It was Alwyn whose voice finally punctured the void.

“Listen my dears, I ain’t for one second ever telling you that we shouldn’t kill the bastard. All I am saying is we wait for a month when he himself comes to the Rock, and…”

‘Hey, wait a minute Al,’ cut in Bharat.

Turning towards Al he continued, ” Listen, we all know our quarry visits the Rock on his birthday, and that too all alone on his birthday between 12 and 4. And next month he would come there on July 10. So, what you are saying is that we follow him on that day and then kill him, right?”
As Alwyn nodded his head, Bharat shot back, “Forget it bro, after he has done to Rashi, this filth of human shit has no right to live for 30 more days. He was to go before sundown today, and that means we have only a couple of hours left. So, are you guys will me on this, or else, I shall myself go up to the Rock and push this beast down the ravine?”

Alwyn and Laksh didn’t need more than half a minute to respond.

“Come, we will do the deed”.

Alwyn’s voice was steady and there was a ring of finality to his words when he uttered them.

It was Laksh who affirmed it further when he held Bharat’s arms and looking straight into the latter’s eyes exclaimed, “Bro, your sister is my sister, our sister. And anyone who plays with her honour will have to pay with his life”.

The next moment only the fading out silhouette of the trio could be visible as the young men headed to their favourite childhood haunt high above the rocky sea, the near secretive slab of moubtaineaous terrain that they had nicknamed simply as the Rock.

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1 thought on “neelwrites/flash/shortstory/writephoto/12/02/21

  1. Another dark tale, Neel.


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