three line tales, week 263:red neon love is the drug


By Neel Anil Panicker

She said he was the drug that was missing from her barren existence: he said she was the antidote to the pain that he had been suffering all his goddamn life___it was clear as daylight that both were addicted to the most powerful placebo on Planet Earth.

As their coochie cooing progressed to the level where they began to become oblivious to all around them, at times even seeming supremely indifferent to the world and its denizens, tongues began to wag at the arrogance of the teenaged duo at cocking a snook at society.

And when, as it is with all doomed loves, when their hearts turned tired flitting in and out of the other’s chambers, and their burgeoning romance crashed, smashed to smithereens by the lashing waves of constricting societal mores that hated like the plague the sheer guts of a Muslim girl dreaming about stitching a life together with a Hindu boy, the world was divided neatly into two halves—those who held on to the firm belief that LOVE was the most beautiful word ever to come out of the womb of the entire English lexicon and those who simply belived that it was no more than the new age synonym of another four letter world called HATE. #neelanilpanicker#flash#fiction#shortstory#tlt

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