three line tales, week 261: a kitten underneath a table


By Neel Anil Panicker

“The modern day agitator is a study in contrast—he’s angry, yet knows not what’s he’s angry about; he hits the road at the drop of a hat, yet retreats back the same road at the sight of a hockey bat; he sleeps through the day, but is a creature of the night, never following orders, refusing to bow none, stealthily cruising the dark alleyways and busy as a bumble bee highways, one paw after another, clawing his way, up hills and valleys, at times climbing high domes of national pride, doing what it knows best—milking he bowls oodles and ounces empathy it had garnered by naive homosapiens easily fooled by the cunning feline’s white as an angel faced innocence.”

I looked askance at my best friend Sarthak as he launched a no holds barred vitriolic attack at this new species tha laid seige to the streets of India, and couldn’t help nodding my head in approval.

Not to be left behind, I too decided to add my bit stating, “They say a cat has nine lives but methinks this breed of modern day agitators is a highly selfish, self serving nihilistic virus that is ten times deadlier than the deadliest weapon in the world, and I appeal to the Prime Minister that before he looks at finding a vaccine for the Corona 19, he and his government find a permanent vaccine that inoculate all Indians for ever against this most obnoxious good for nothing insolent pesty breed.”


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