By Neel Anil Panicker

Which one do you like—Venus or Mercury?

Stumped, looked at her, a wee bit puzzled.

“Left, or right?” she insisted in a tone that screamed challenge.

I raised my head, and stared back.

Her sea blue eyes refused to unlock from mine___an enigmatically inscrutable Mona Lisa smile playing on her perfectly almond shaped face.

“The left one’s Venus, the right Mercury,” she responded in an obvious effort to help me.

“I…I mean…I like…”

“Common on, is it too much to choose from? After all, there are  only two”?

Her voice, a lilting tease, sent my heart beats racing faster than the fastest man’s feet could have ever moved.”

I looked at her, my gaze a few degrees above her chest, though my lips and tongue refused to play partisan, evenly dividing their time between Venus and Mercury.

In a bid to deflect the question, I decided to change tack.

“Ok baby, tell me, why have you named them Venus and Mercury?”

Without batting an eyelid she replied, “Oh, the right is the slightly bigger, masculine one. Hence, I have christened it Mercury. As for the left, though it may be a tad smaller, it is a big giver, full of love. Thus___it’s Venus, the Goddess of Love!”

As she said this, she hadn’t for one bit left the quizzical expression she had adopted when we had first begun this intriguing tete e tete.

Caught in a bind, and faced with such a pointed question, (pun fully intentional!), I refused to bite the bullet (yes, another one!!!)/

Instead, I simply did what I am wont to do when faced with such a conundrum.

That is—to bury my head in…well…you know where.

#neelanilpanicker #flash #fiction #shortstory

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