By Neel Anil Panicker

Like a star spangled Christmas sky, the computer screen came alive with the words, each letter a kaleidoscopic riot of colours: Congrats! Dear Advait,

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that you have been selected for our prestigious 100 per cent all expenses covered free scholarship post graduate programme in Chemical Engineering at Wharton University.

This is a 100 per cent SCHOLARSHIP programme that enables you to live, study, and later on work in the United States of America should you desire to do so.

The course commences on…”‘Aaadi…!!!’

The next moment what happened was nothing short of madness to the power of infinity.Seated on the other end of the L-shaped sofa, Diya, Advait’s twin sister flung herself, her arms and limbs floating in the air ala a flamingo, and landed right on the lap of Advait. Before Advait could even gather his senses, and realise what was happening, Diya had smothered his chubby cheeks with a plethora of kisses.

A full minute later, she, her arms still wrapped around her brother, she exclaimed, her voice loud enough to be heard two blocks away from the corner street second floor flat of the four member middle class Srivastava family, “Adi I love you. You have made me the proudest sister in the whole wide world.”

As tears of joy trickled down Advait’s red as a cherry cheeks.

He hadn’t until now known that the girl who used to fight with him for no reason whatsoever and wants even ready to share her favourite sweet with him was so deliriously happy for him for what was undoubtedly the greatest moment of joy in his 22 year old existence on Planet Earth.

All he could do by way of a response was utter a meek, “I love you, sis…”


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