SPEAK IT UP (realistic fiction)

By Neel Anil Panicker

“I really do marvel the way this guy owns the stage when he speaks” gushed Nandita as she settled down beside her husband.

As the middle aged middle class couple sipped their evening cuppa, their eyes were riveted on the laptop, the two eagerly listening , ears all cocked to the speaker, whose tag line read: Dhananjaya Heiterarchi, Winner of World Championship  Best Speaker Award’.

As the handsome, young bald man took his his customary four steps to the left, four to the right wide eyed gig, rolling off one heart wrenching life lesson after the other, the otherwise quiet drawing room of the Chatterjee reverberated with the thunderous applause and wild shriek shouts and clappings of the distinuisguished audience that were an eclectic mix of university students, business executives as well as the who’s who of world business and academia.

Soon enough, after a good 15 minutes of spell binding riveting speech, Dhan, as he was  introduced at the start, ended his speech with even the trinity of august suited booted silver haired judges giving him a full five minute standing ovation.

It was then that Angad turned towards his better half and replied, “His is a story of failure,  and that’s what’s makes him such a huge success”.

All Nandita could offer by way of an answer for a  affirmative shake of her head.

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